É um oceano: não é uma poça de onde se bebe uma vez /  It’s an ocean, not a puddle from where to drink once

The texts read during the performances were never made public in order to emphasize orality and so that the audience could be fully focused on listening and on the present moment.

The starting point chosen by Isabel Carvalho for “It’s an ocean, not a puddle from where to drink once” is Ana Hatherly’s series of drawings titled ‘Metamorfoses da Romã’ [Metamorphoses of the Pomegranate], which belongs to the CAM (Center of Modern Art) collection. From these drawings, she proposes an extended reading of a text, as performance, that describes the experience of the renewed acceptance of the “Mysteries”.

On the day of the performance, 12 drawings belonging to the "Metamorphoses of the Pomegranate" series have been presented in the room Nave of CAM, temporarily replacing the "Streets of Lisbon" series also by Ana Hatherly.