UBERRO is a three-hour performance installation collaboratively created by João-Artur-Gomes-Alves and Isabel Carvalho and structured from an organically written text mechanically recited by a ready-made voice. They were interested in having the words heard accompanied by sound objects that mark a time out of phase, following a score with a spiral configuration. In this piece, voice and sound combine with images of a group of drivers, perhaps working on home deliveries, who are represented by their bodies, bellies and heads merging with the metal and the movement of the wheels, chains and chassis of their motorized vehicles, as if the composition that associates all the parts emerged from a circular background — a representative figure of the digestive metabolism. It was thought that if UBER, above any meaning or translation, intends to assert itself as totality, and ERRO [ERROR], below any pretense, is the problem that prevents the totality from being effectively total, then BERRO [SCREAM] becomes the manifestation of this impossibility. As when the machine crashes [‘dá o berro’ - portuguese idiomatic], that is, in the hypothesis put into practice here of there being a crossing of inverts, or even, put another way, when an introverted burst tries to unify the latent myths of perpetual motion with the rites of exhaustion of an entire system.

Direction, text, images: Isabel Carvalho
Direction, text, sound objects: João-Artur-Gomes-Alves
Graphic design (publication): Macedo Cannatà
Printing (publication): Oficina Arara