"seguir as luzes verdes / following the green lights", by Isabel Carvalho, is the result of a year of work by the artist on Aurélia de Souza, at the invitation of ARTES, the contemporary art program of the Foundation Manuel António da Mota – “a tribute to an artist by another artist, without looking for affinities but instead searching for common ground – artistic work”.

Based on the lecture “Dreams”, by Henri Bergson (1901), Isabel Carvalho presents new artistic work at the ARTES space, made out of a constellation of elements that are poetically interconnected: colours, space and time represented in the paintings "At the Studio" and "Saint Anthony", by Aurélia de Souza, and the outdoor lights of the city in our contemporary world. Taking upon herself the responsibility of addressing Aurélia de Souza’s work in order to set it free and open it to the present, Isabel Carvalho’s suggests a break (an interruption), modelled after the disruptive effect caused by dreams and the act of dreaming. This break doesn’t represent a complete rupture; rather, it should be seen as a creative power.